Date of Registration: 10/02/2009
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Brief Description :
Gifted SEER.I can help you with all issues:Relationship,Occult,Spells, Dream interpretation,Healing.
Detail Description :
Degree; Alexandrian Witchcraft - B.A.P.S.Proficient in Ogham,studying wicca,reiki - runes,occult, dream analysis. Natural born psychic abilities has been past down through many generations.Im a 3rd generation psychic.I can remove all the negative energies surrounding you which will help you to deal with all issues such as love, career, relationship, spells, dream interpretation etc.feel free to contact me to get help in all aspects of life and to get clearance on every issue and the negativity. Just after end of our session you will feel the positive energies coming from my side towards your stars which will help you in having peace of mind and identifying people who have positive feelings for you. I can feel your energies just by talking to you that makes me identify the nature of the people and how they feel about you which will help you in identifying and avoiding the negativity coming from negative people. During our chat session, with the given information of yourself; my spiri
Degrees :
reiki runes, studies from kamasutra, spiritual healer,MBA
Qualifications :
I have 11 years of experience in helping people all over the globe in bringing clarity in all the aspects of life such as relationship, health, occult, dream interpretation, career, sexual problems, all kind of physical and emotional problems that exists.Feel free to contact me for accurate reading.
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Shamanist, advisor, Psychic, Dream interpretation, Occult,Spell,True Psychic,
Top 5 Reviews :
horoscopes  apples123
07 Apr,2018
she was awesome, great person to chat with. very experienced
horoscopes  apples123
07 Apr,2018
very insightful and great reader
horoscopes  latoya
08 Feb,2018
Very Good
horoscopes  sak777
27 Jan,2018
horoscopes  jenbowen7
25 Jan,2018

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