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Make 2017 your best year ever with the help of this extremely accurate and powerful forecast.I alwa
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Cherie expresses her creative ability in many different ways: as Psychic/Tarot Reader and Ordained Priestess, as a teacher offering workshops/classes, and also as singer/songwriter and poet/writer. For more of Cherie’s philosophy, check out her interview with Richard Shulman HERE. Cherie has over 18 years experience as a professional psychic and teacher in the spiritual community. She’s traveled and worked nationally and internationally, and has appeared on television and radio shows locally as well as broadcast on Carolyn Craft’s Sirius satellite show, “Waking Up With Carolyn Craft.” Cherie can hear and communicate with a person’s spirit guides and guardians to help them with core issues, patterns, and subconscious blocks. Cherie’s straightforward yet compassionate manner goes directly to current and longstanding life themes. Getting to the “heart of the matter” you can have clarity and confirmation of the past, present and future. As a medium, Cherie is able to communicate with love
Degrees :
Born with psychic ability. I also have a minor in psychology ,Online Tarot Card Readings, Psychics &
Qualifications :
I have the abilities to see, hear and feel what is going on in your life. And, as the information is passed on to me it will be given to you whether it is good, bad, or in between. Please, do not expect just feel good information that is not how I work, we all experience ups and downs in our lives and sometimes we just need to accept it. Here are a few things you need to know before contacting me: -If you are agitated or overly emotional wait until you are feeling stronger. Negative energy will affect your reading. -Please have clear concise questions ready before you come in. -Do not compare me to other readers. Each expert has their own interpretations of what they see and feel – we are not all alike. -Relax and open yourself up while we’re chatting. It helps to breathe deeply and softly while I’m reading for you and to continually concentrate on your question. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with the challenges of life. bless you as you journey a
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Accurate. Empowering. Insightful Guidance,Fast typing :)
Top 5 Reviews :
horoscopes  latoya
27 Apr,2017
Very Good
horoscopes  fabii
17 Mar,2017
She is awesome on point with her reading
horoscopes  forever21
11 Feb,2017
Shes very detailed and kind and hopd what she told me comes tru. Very patience and gets deep into the read. She sont waste your funds and tells u enough info needed.
horoscopes  forever21
11 Feb,2017
horoscopes  forever21
11 Feb,2017

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