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5th Generation,Truth only, Fast, Honest,Love, Dreams,ReunitesOthers,Spells,Careers See your future
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Dyami, an accomplished Empathic Psychic, assisting with Law Enforcement in solving many crimes. Has special talents with American Indian & Shamanic rituals & spiritual readings; hundreds of thousands successful consultations via person, phone & chat at East Coast metaphysical shops, psychic fairs, private gatherings & psychic lines. Continually growing skills is a personal goal for Dyami. Being adept in the study and practice of Shamanism, Native American, meditation techniques and anger management. Trained in substance abuse and stress management counseling. See whats in store for you. 35+ years experience
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Ongoing studies in Shamanism to help others
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Dyami has successfully read for many clients over the past 35 + years. Highly trained in Law Enforcement cases. Shamanic Practices for many years have helped Dyami in communing with the spirit world. Dyami is adept in divining spiritual resolutions to your personal situation as he connects to Spirit & bridges the gap for you, bringing back insights you may have missed or are unaware of. The tools used can be pendulum, tarot, runes, White Magic & his Native American Medicine Cards are used to advise of your true path & personal circumstances. Guided by the Elders & ancient traditions, you will find that Dyami is an absolute blessing in helping you solve your troubles & life decisions.
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