Kathleen Farris, Spiritual Medium | Westfield MA | Psychic life coach For April 2024 By kafleen

Date of Registration on Mypsychicadvice: 06/30/2010
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Brief Description: Kathleen Farris, Spiritual Medium | Westfield MA | Psychic life coach For April 2024 By kafleen

Pennsylvania Expert here to help you with all your concerns

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Detail Description:

Pa psychic, very spiritual....I have been readng for at least 6 years publicly. I am a identical mirror image twin born under the sign of gemini...Seeing through my sisters late spiritual eyes. I get direct messages from her. I am very empathic and can see all details of the problems you face, the feelings, the appearance of the people around you. I can most often see the end result of decisions your making today.


I feel there are no real degrees that qualify you!


I have been doing this professionally for more than5 years I also have 17 years mental health experience. have had many expereices in my life time which have led me to being the very best reader I can be. I give it all my heart and loads of empathy

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Latest 5 Reviews:

mypsychicadvice  sunshine33
27 Jan,2012
mypsychicadvice  ashleyoctober
18 Jan,2012
Thank you so much for the reading! She''s direct and fast with answering questions. Hope what she say will come to pass. She is the real deal. : ]
mypsychicadvice  sadeyes
08 Jan,2012
Very good and fast..
mypsychicadvice  welshy66
07 Jan,2012
mypsychicadvice  sadeyes
28 Dec,2011
Thx u.. you are Gr8!!!

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