Miss Ava Chante in Love & Relationships | Psychic Readings Advisor For March 2024 By loveadvisorava

Date of Registration on Mypsychicadvice: 10/04/2014
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Brief Description: Miss Ava Chante in Love & Relationships | Psychic Readings Advisor For March 2024 By loveadvisorava

love specialist Expert

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I am a psychic and spiritualist specializing in love and relationships with over a decade of experience I''''ve provided accurate insightful readings into all life matters I am able to connect through the spiritual realm and communicate with angels and spirit guides to unlock the mystery''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s that have you concerned in life most important matters with no questions asked other then your name and date of birth with one reading my guides and angels will assist in providing the insight''''s to lead you to your life path.


chakra master/psychic/tarot/medium/clairivoyiant


healer,chakramaster clairvoyant pet psychic  reki master aura''''s.

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Latest 5 Reviews:

mypsychicadvice  squonk
15 Nov,2015
mypsychicadvice  forever21
14 Nov,2015
mypsychicadvice  wingwing
27 Sep,2015
i''m sorry it was unacceptable, took 2 mints to answer one question and all are v general answers e.g. he like yr look and personality, no detail at all even I asked
mypsychicadvice  jhovauni
27 Sep,2015
Beautiful first session with loveadvisorava...really got into the core of the situation...thank you. Will be back with updates soon
mypsychicadvice  chocolate
19 Sep,2015

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