Pamela Rivette - 5 Star Psychic - Best Top Houston Psychics For March 2024 By pamela_rivetous

Date of Registration on Mypsychicadvice: 08/19/2011
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Brief Description: Pamela Rivette - 5 Star Psychic - Best Top Houston Psychics For March 2024 By pamela_rivetous

"Reduced Price for Short Time" Want to know their true feelings?Is/he/she your soulmate?

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I have been blessed with the Divine gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience,astrology,tarot reading and Remote viewing.I can help you in knowing his/her feelings, your relationship status, your future status in career,everything that you want to know about yourself and I will help you in making the right decisions for your ever lasting success. I will bring the clarity of mind to you in even the worst situations and will lead you towards the way of prosperity and light. I belong to the family which is very famous for having psychic abilities as to see the situation clearly which is far beyond. My mother was a humble and God-gifted lady who helped a lot of people getting out of worldly and spiritually problems. Though I was God-gifted too regarding the psychic powers yet my mother helped me a lot to sharpen them. I can see the present, past and future because of my strong clairvoyant nature and ability. I can unfold the secrets of nature and can see far beyond from outside. I have


Certified psychic medium


With almost 30 years of experience, reading for people from all over the world and all walks of life. It is not my place to judge any person or situation that I read for. I have read professionally in metaphysical bookstores, privately and for various psychic lines and sites. I am also a Reiki Master and Life Coach.

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Psychic medium/Reunite lover specialist

Latest 5 Reviews:

mypsychicadvice  sydlady
10 Oct,2011
mypsychicadvice  sianiva
04 Oct,2011
Eh. Ok reading. Nothing was said that probably wouldn''t apply to millions of other people. I''ll give "Pamela" the benefit of the doubt since others have had success thru "her", but not really my
mypsychicadvice  melody24
03 Oct,2011
Wonderful! Thank you again for your expertise. I love speaking with Pamela_Rivetous, she is very fast typer and very understanding. She keeps me calm and cool and helps me stay focused. :) Thank you f
mypsychicadvice  melody24
11 Sep,2011
Wonderful as always! Thank you soo much for your compassion and kindness during the reading. You are comforting to speak with. Fast typer! Accuarte connection. Thank you for helping me with my emotion
mypsychicadvice  scorpiogal
08 Sep,2011
Great reading

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