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Hi my name is Love, I look forward on giving my clients guidance and clarity,
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**Please be advised i am a honest reader i do not sugar coat my readings** **Will not waste your time fast Typist** My name is Love I Have over 25 years experience 5th generation gifted Spiritualist. I do advise my clients to be relaxed calm and in a quite surrounding being this is a Spirituality & Religion, my spiritual guides and angels pick up on your energies and vibrations. More of my client is in a calm state and quite atmosphere,More will be revealed and a much stronger spiritual connection with my spirit guides to my clients. My spiritual connection to the spirit world is very unique and i would love to share it with you today! please be opened minded and ready new take on your spiritual path.If you are in-need of a true clarity and guidance my spirit guides and angels will help advise and guide you on the best spiritual path. For clarity and peace please give me a call today.
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Delphi University Of Spiritual Studies
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I have guided many of my clients all over the world with my spirit guides and angels. My spirit angel has always been near me since I was a child, she has always guided me as a young child and young adult in many situations. By my late 20s my Spirit Guides approached me, And also has been near me ever since. My spirit guides and Angel lead me on this spiritual path in my life and now I wish to guide people and my clients as well with their spiritual wisdom and guidance.
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Thanks Love :) you’re the best !

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