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Brief Description: Psychic | Mind's Eye Mystic | Metaphysical For March 2024 By psychicmindseye

Honest Fast Accurate Reader Tells All, Helps In All Matters Of Life!!

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Detail Description:

I was born with psychic gifts. I am an intuitive empath, which means that I have the ability to see inner visions, as well as the ability to feel the feelings and energies of others. I have developed my gifts over time to help better serve all those who have come to me over the years for spiritual help and personal advice. If you are wondering about something in your life and need insight into the situation to help you make better decisions, or even help making decisions, then you have come to the right place, as one or more of my gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairaudience (clear hearing), will all very quickly have you on your way to feeling empowered and seeing the situation in a brand new light. Each time you come to me, you will leave feeling much, much better. I am here to help you and to serve you. I am your psychic reader, spiritual healer, relationship advi


life-long student of the Bible, in-depth tarot studies, in depth astrology studies


I have always been gifted with a keen intuition, deep insight into others motives and feelings, quick articulation of thoughts, and no sugar-coating attitude .. I have been used by God for most of my life to help others see the 'bigger picture' and gain a little self awareness. I will use all of my experiences, gifts, and powers from my Father in Heaven to help you find clarity and solutions.

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Relationship, Psychic, Tarot, Love, Palmistry, Kabbalah, Finance, Job, Reiki, Cleansing, Spiritual

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mypsychicadvice  SassyGurl19
01 Mar,2011
mypsychicadvice  SassyGurl19
01 Mar,2011
mypsychicadvice  mskygrace
27 Feb,2011
great. quick. accurate. straight to the point.
mypsychicadvice  kris73
13 Feb,2011
mypsychicadvice  sassymia
09 Dec,2010

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