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Brief Description:

Need Advice? Find Hope in situations, Get Clarity in Relation, Career, Money or Work. Friendly

Detail Description:

Quick fast reliable and realistic, I will give you clarity without sugar but things which will make you strong and enlightened, hope and in-depth insights with lot of information about present and near term. Guiding you in matters or Love, Career, Relations n Finances. Helping everyone, LGBT friendly, I will need only names and connect straight with your energies and everything related. Starting with present then near term future. The signs about connection and things to come will be your window view about things around and nearby which will enable you to make right choice and moves. My gifts are to make you aware and provide light to see things clear ahead. I will use it in the best possible manner to be your best Guide, Support and Friend in times when you need it most. Session starts by giving you an insight about your present situations and how your energies reveal to be within. Connecting with your POI or Question is done via your energies, be well present in chat.


Gifted psychic & Numerologist with spiritual support, Psychiatry, love n relationship insights


Born & Gifted with Psychic abilities ... Numerology with Angel Interpretation ... Spiritual Divine Guidance ... Clairvoyant, Psychic Expert, Spiritual Guru ... Dream Interpretation & Analysis ... 7th Generation Psychic Background. I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, STRAIGHT AND AS IT IS, MY STYLE IS STRAIGHT N SIMPLE, NATURAL AND FRIENDLY, NO GIMMICKS AND NO FAIRY TALE :) All suggestions, advises and guidance will be as per spiritual guides, No personal opinions or being Judgmental.

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clairvoyant, numerology, divorce, psychic, dream analysis, cheating affairs, work, job, finances,

Latest 5 Reviews:

mypsychicadvice  dindsi
21 Nov,2022
mypsychicadvice  shaybrandon
18 Nov,2022
mypsychicadvice  apples123
12 Nov,2022
She is great. I spoke to her about my relationship issues and my work issues and she gave me very good advice on how to handle it. She was right on point with the information she was giving me.
mypsychicadvice  apples123
11 Nov,2022
Great reading, will be back to chat again
mypsychicadvice  shaybrandon
07 Nov,2022

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