Date of Registration: 04/20/2009
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Brief Description :
how to get your man back after a break up? Real Psychic Experienced Medium and Healer Remote Channel
Detail Description :
I am spiritual diagnosis the psychic. Many people already had readings with me. Get the new age spiritual healing now. Before you ask question I will prepare my tarot cards and crystal ball. Any answers in phychic and astrology for Mysterious 2011 and 2012 predictions.
Degrees :
I love various spiritual arts; spiritual prayers; meditation; pranayam; mantra and fasts are very ef
Qualifications :
I support my clients though christian spiritual healing and also indian and chinese chakra healing methos at many levels also in reaching decisions in life, clarifying goals and making life changes. Get spiritual diagnosis now for your love , health, job , money , marriage, break ups and any other issues.
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Top 5 Reviews :
horoscopes  ruru
28 Mar,2017
horoscopes  tulips
27 Mar,2017
He is the best psychic advisor. Thanks Sd for all your healings and predictions
horoscopes  tulips
27 Mar,2017
He has been my best psychic for years. Thanks SD you ROCK xx
horoscopes  tulips
27 Mar,2017
SS has been Best Psychic & Psychic coach for predictions and support & solutions for any issues
horoscopes  tulips
25 Mar,2017
Known this Psychic for many years, and his Insight, Healings & Support has saved me on many of my topics. TkS SD xxxxxxx

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