How My Psychic Advice Works

1. Video: How To Enter My Psychic Advice Chat?

You will find the ‘Expert service & help’ is very easy on Mypsychicadvice. We'll have just the right expert in the area of spirituality - psychic reading and other categories that you need. Chat and communication system is very easy to understand and with free flow without major errors. In comparison to other websites we is trying to give u more personalized experience.

2. Mypsychicadvice helps you find the right person and then connects you privately over the live chat for a per-minute rate.

3. First step towards getting services is to fill up registration form correctly. Sign in to website; add fund in advance and click chat now button with your preferred experts.

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4. Click here to see who is online? & Choose an Expert for Online Chat

Click on the photo of of your selected expert to reach profile page. Add fund button is on the profile page of each expert.

Click on Chat now button and Chat with your expert through chat window.

Client can add fund to mypsychicadvice through secured PayPal links.

New clients will needed to add minimum 10$ to any one of available experts before they can start the first chat.

Are you repeat client? Chat with your expert before you add new fund and confirm availability and willingness for service.

Any unused Amount after hired chat will stored in myaccount for future readings.

The fund you added for an expert will be not interchangeable.

5. If there is no fund or low fund to hire the expert then the “hire now” button will not be activated. Send only one message to expert rather than multiple messages. By chance if he/she does not accept your request the system will make expert offline automatically.

So send just one time/single "hi/ hello" message first and then wait till expert responds. We have all screened experts who can help you for various problems and questions with very cheaper rates in comparison to other websites. It only because our company charges are very low so expert can afford to give cheap readings.

Please do not hire right away but wait until the expert accept your request and respond.


Explore now! Please do not forget to rate your paid session experts, you can do anytime in 30days of session by visiting "myaccount" page. You can rate any paid session till next 30 days. You can rate experts by visiting your "myaccount" page and click "rate now" link.

7. Many famous experts are live online under one roof only at Our goal is to provide clients the cheapest psychic facilities so we kept our commission very low, so experts can afford to deliver chat at half rates if you compare to other websites.

8. You’ll have a few minutes, at no cost, all sessions start ‘free’, to get a sense of the person you've chosen and to recognize whether they're right for the job. Whenever you feel confidence that they'll be able to provide you with the quality service that you need, you can click the 'Hire now' button to begin your paid session. None of session will go into paid session automatically like other websites. Submit your psychic experience!

9. Fees: As a client you have to hire the expert for any particular session when he or she asks to press hire button or whenever you feel confidence that expert will able to provide you with the quality service that you need, you can click the 'Hire now' button to begin your paid session. It's important to note that with Mypsychicadvice there are ‘no hidden costs’. You'll always pay your expert's by-the-minute rate, multiplied by the exact amount of time you've interacted after clicking the 'hire' button.

10. Attractive features for clients: The paid session will continue till money deposited in your Mypsychicadvice account equals your purchased minutes for that particular expert, so there is no chance of making you surprised by bills and invoices. It is an easy way to keep track of your budget and plan for future sessions and instant credit approval.

11. Attractive features for experts: We have window desktop messenger software for communication system. There are more chances of having clients who really seek chat services as there is no facility for e-mail readings.

As it is almost pre-paid service there are less possibilities of having cancelled, uncharged and suspending earnings.

When a client hires expert available possible minutes will be displayed on both sides according to client’s available amount to maintain a hire mode for particular session, this will help expert to plan the session and satisfy client in possible available minutes.

12. Chat Session Alert –

After an expert login in his messenger, When a client selects an expert for a session, Expert will get an invitation message along with a 1 minute alert ring and by clicking “accept”, expert can start session in pop up chat window. If you miss the chat session alert, your account may result in suspension. In order to avoid it please sign out from the website when you expected to be away from your computer. When a client contacts you, a message will appear on this alert box. If your speakers are connected, you will also hear a ringing alert for 2 seconds It is advisable for an expert to sign out properly from website rather than simply close the webpage to make you offline.

13. Chat Session Window – These are very simple and amazingly beautiful chat window.

When client or expert select to close the session; please use close session link rather than simply close the window.

14. How to judge the real psychic? Ask for short term and long term predictions. Any expert who tries to divert clients to other website, personal e-mail or phone number proves would be consider as a phony psychic interested in client’s money rather than giving you real predictions. Whenever client find such expert please inform us, and we promise our clients that we will terminate expert immediately. We want to give clients very unique, most secured and the safest website for Psychic readings predictions.